.istanbul and .ist are approved top level domains (TLD) for the Internet. It is a community-based sponsored top-level domain by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and subsidiary Medya A.Ş. According to the Medya A.Ş., .istanbul will improve awareness on İstanbul's historical heritage and help economic growth by allowing unlimited and open registration of the names.

Along with TLDs such as .cat and .asia, .istanbul and other new TLDs fall into the new category of GeoTLDs.

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European countries legalizing Islamophobia, limiting religious practices of Muslims, says expert

Anadolu Agency 16 Mar 2023
“Each year, we see a new country come up with a new plan, with a new law, or a party in Europe to ban something, a religious practice of Muslims,” a professor at the Istanbul-based Turkish-German University, Enes Bayrakli, told Anadolu....

Middle East round-up: Iran, Saudi Arabia and a changing region?

Al Jazeera 16 Mar 2023
Iran and Saudi Arabia agree to restore diplomatic relations, Lebanon’s currency takes another dive, and boat tragedies in the Mediterranean ... Things can change very quickly in the Middle East ... [READ ... The only problem ... [READ ... Earthquake survivors rebuild shattered lives in Istanbul . Controversial judicial law passes first vote in Israeli Parliament ... ....

Ally Law Annual General Meeting in Sydney Gathers Lawyers from 32 Countries with Focus on Sustainability

Longview News-Journal 13 Mar 2023
New member firms include Aczalaw Honduras (San Pedro Sula, Honduras), ACZALAW Nicaragua (Managua, Nicaragua), Delvalle, Escalona, Levy & Corró (DELCO; Panama City, Panama), Dündar Sır Law Firm (Istanbul, Turkey), Hayes solicitors LLP (Dublin, Ireland), Hronček & Partners (Žilina, Slovakia), and Oller Abogados (San José, Costa Rica)....

Egypt: Dissidents Abroad Denied Identity Documents

Human Rights Watch 13 Mar 2023
Egyptian dissidents in Turkey have faced additional challenges because the Egyptian consulate in Istanbul has effectively closed its doors to Egyptians since around 2018 ... The forms required by the Egyptian Consulate in Istanbul ... She applied for a new passport at the Egyptian consulate in Istanbul in 2020....

Historic epic poem dedicated to Mehmed the Conqueror published in Turkish, English

Anadolu Agency 11 Mar 2023
The story of the poem goes back to a letter sent by Othman Lillo Ferducci, an Italian merchant from central Italian city of Ancona, residing in Canakkale now northwestern Türkiye, to Mehmet the Conqueror, requesting the release of his brother-in-law, who was among the prisoners taken during the conquest of Istanbul....

EXCLUSIVE Revealed: Global 'blood money' trail with tentacles from Pakistan to this non-descript London semi ...

The Daily Mail 05 Mar 2023
Azan took a plane for the first leg of his journey, flying from Pakistan to Istanbul in January ... He was caught four times and sent back to Istanbul ... From what I have been told a contact in Peshawar put my brother in law in touch with the main person involved in Istanbul....

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